The aim of the project is to discover new ways of learning programming for women and girls and to improve the availability of women’s skills and improve their competence in the area of programming 

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About Us

What ?

The goal of this project is to investigate further the different steps of learning coding and how they can create an impact for the women learners and also contribute to building a larger set of competences, not just limited to coding as a technical skill.

Who ?

The projects focus mainly on women adult learners.

Women use computers as much as men, have a strong interest in new technologies tools & applications and want to develop further in that field which lay many great opportunities. However, they are shy to attend computer clubs and are only a minority in formal computer and ICT studies and training’s. The geek stereotype is still going strong. The very low percentage of women usually attending ICT non-formal training’s & conferences discouraged other women to join in.

How ?

Empower women with the right skills so that, they can gain more confidence with technology, overcome gender stereotypes around ICT and access to the opportunities digital economy have to offer.

Why ?

More and more activities are organised to encourage women to learn coding. The participating organisations are now looking to investigate further the impact created by these awareness raising activities.

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Our Core Purpose

Learning Experience

Learning to code brings new experiences with various coding environments


Driving creativity by learning to code as individuals or as a team  


Developing new skills through coding there by enhancing employabiliy


Promoting entrepreneurship among women

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