Asta Gedviliene from Lithuania

Asta Gedviliene is a 39 years old former coding student (B.Sc) and successful
businesswoman – employee and employer at JSC „SPPA verslui“ (Solutions for advanced


Asta‘s path to successful technological business started very unexpectedly by failing to get
accepted to the studies she wanted. After this unfortunate event she decided to join a
course of computer basics and this decision has determined all of her future. After finishing
the course of computer basics Asta got accepted to programming studies, which she
successfully finished with Bachelor’s degree.

After the studies Asta worked at IT company as tester and business analyst, testing the work
done by programmers and creating new tasks for them. Asta enjoyed having a direct
contact with clients. It is noteworthy that over the time at this company Asta had only two
female colleagues. When the company began to fail, Asta and few of her colleagues decided
to establish their own company and became entrepreneurs.

Over 8 years of JSC „SPPA verslui“ existence, the company has successfully grown and now
has 14 employees, partners in Sweden and Germany, and is developing projects in Sweden,
Germany, Croatia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania. At the moment Asta and her colleagues are
working with international clients like BMW, Volkswagen, Lufthansa, Tele2.

According to Asta’s experience, coding is still more popular among men. However, a
tendency of girls practicing coding is observed and highly commendable. Asta hopes, that in
the near future her company will receive more CV from girls, enjoying programming.

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