Nadia Aimé from Belgium

Who Am I :
I am Nadia Aimé and I’ve always been a geek since i was a little girl growing up i would have rather had a game boy than a Barbie fast forward to the future every day, I see technology becoming more important to both the business and creativity of every industries around the world. I wanted to understand and manipulate different type of technology we rely on a daily basis. ​
Why I learned to code:
For me learning to code empowered me to do many things i wouldn’t otherwise imagined being able to do example i was able to hand-craft my own websites for both of my company at zero cost also by learning to think digital my life has been transformed I gained the confidence and skills to learn more and now my digital agency is thriving and i get to work from home and still take care of my son. Also there is that  safety of knowing that my skills will always be in demand CAUSE WE ALL KNOW THE FUTURE IS DIGITAL.
How I learned to code:
To a lot of non-developers, learning to code seems like an impossibly daunting task. However, thanks to many great online and offline resources that are for free— teaching yourself to code has never been easier. I started learning to code (and am still learning) and i can say from experience that learning enough to build your own prototype is not as hard as it seems
1. Read.
There are many different books to choose from, but a beginner’s html,css and javascripy book called Learn to Program by Chris Pine, which assumes the user has almost no coding experience, helped me out a lot.
2. Reach out to contacts and groups.
I followed up with joining GitHub and coding academy , attended multiple  offline and online workshop designed for beginners. It’s a great way to connect with the experienced and beginner’s programmers.
3. Enrol in a coding bootcamp program.
1 year after using my basic learning to program book and online tools, I decided I was completely hooked – there was something special about writing even the smallest of programs and seeing the computer dutifully obey your commands. Deciding to see how deep the rabbit hole went (answer: very deep, I’m positive I’ll never see the bottom), I followed up by enrolling at Elium Academy and took the course on JavaScript and Nodejs. This program took me much more in depth into programming, beginning with learning the JavaScript programming language and ending with more advanced techniques for working with server side Nodejs and MongoDB. Since this was a very complex program designed for people who had slightly more logical mindset than I had, I supplemented my learning along the way with online lessons through Code Academy and Code School, picking up more HTML, CSS ,JavaScript, Angular etc… as I went.​