Vilnius Girls Code
Vilnius Girls Code is a community which is dedicated to women in IT to share their experiences
and knowledge, to educate and learn, to inspire. It’s a place where all IT girls of Vilnius meet
even if they work in different companies and solve different tasks to share their stories.

Café Numérique
Café Numérique is a growing tech community that started in Belgium, EU. Café
Numérique organizes tech events in an informal atmosphere we like to describe as tech
events between the Bar and the Conference. Its mission is to promote new tech and
innovations to the largest number possible in informal atmosphere.

EU Code Week is a grass-roots movement that celebrates creating with code. The idea is to make programming more visible, to show young, adults and elderly how you bring ideas to life with code, to demystify these skills and bring motivated people together to learn. The initiative was launched in 2013 by the Young Advisors for the Digital Agenda Europe. EU Code Week is run by volunteers. One, or several, Code Week Ambassadors coordinate the initiative in their countries, but everyone can organise their own code event and add it to the map.

Rails Girls
A global event happening simultaneously, it aims at teaching the basics of the Ruby programming language through a series of talks and exercises. Each year, curious girls and women are paired with volunteer coaches who guide them through the process of building their first web app.

OpenTech School
OpenTechSchool is a movement aiming to offer free tech education. The events are
open to technology enthusiasts of all genders, backgrounds, and experience levels,
willing to coach or learn in a friendly environment. The learning materials are shared
and collectively improved by the online community and anyone is welcome to use it
to organize new OTS chapters anywhere in the world.

Eskills for Impact
A two-part training for youth and specialists belonging to multiple NGOs enhanced their skills in the digital field. The knowledge they gained at this training, is going to help them achieve a bigger impact in the field they are coming from, like gender, entrepreneurship, youth education and exchange.