Raluca Muresan from Romania

Her story starts three years ago when she decided to work as an independent consultant and a personal touristic  guide. This is when she created TripToRomania.net  a website which has been meant to offer consulting and tour guide personalized services when it comes to planning your trip to Romania, to organize personalized tour in Bucharest or through “this beautiful country” to quote her. Her experience, knowledge and passion are her drive in giving her best to provide unique and personalized travel services.

Her personal story is not a very happy one as her mother got married and left for Germany. She was in her 15s and she remained practically by herself. Soon she moved to Targu Mures from her native town sharing an apartment with one of her colleagues. Even today her mother is  still in Germany.

Her aspirations were always high so she went for her University studies to Bucharest, where she studied Communication and Public Relations. She graduated high school in June 2009 and in August,  the same year she got employed as a Radio editor at Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company / Radio România where her job was writing, editing and reading the news on air, creating topics list, making everyday`s guest list, research, interviews both in audio and video, video editing. She remained there for 2 years and 8 months and it seemed as if it was her apprenticeship for what was to come.

Her next job was in Public Relations where she was  a consultant and media planner / part-time activity, creating media strategy, keeping good relation with media, writing and sending press releases, looking for press interviews, writing and sending weekly newsletters to customers, events’ organizer, social media channels daily updating: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog, website.

Being employed by Karpaten Turism between March 2011 – June 2012 (1 year 4 months) she became a Romanian tour guide organizing cultural tours/trips – one day trips (in Bucharest, Constanta or Danube Delta) as an extension of the river or sea cruises (Danube cruises, Black Sea cruises or Mediterranean Sea cruises) or country tour in Romania for English, Spanish, Portuguese speaking tourists.

In the mean time she decided to join another university for studying Tourism.It was at that time that she joined an official programme for students “Work and Travel” to the USA, more exactly to New York. There she became a licensed New York City Sightseeing tour guide, licensed in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Taking the opportunity of being an Erasmus exchange student she went to Valencia where she studied Tourism Administration. Here she received an interesting task namely a project work with the topic of simulation by organizing a Tour through her country. That was the trigger point for her idea of becoming a personalized travel guide.

She became a famous blogger and a national and  International Guide travelling all over the world for promoting Romanian Tourism. www.ralucalatoreste.ro/ She is an example of what a young woman entrepreneur can do without having capital but her creativity and entrepreneurship competences and digital skills.

(have a go to her blog https://www.google.ro/#q=ralu+calatoreste+in+engleza )

She opened an account on ASmallWorld where she tries to convince the foreigners who announce that they are going to come to Bucharest to discover Romania with Ralu, the Guide. She created a website TriptoRomania.net   and her amaizing blog.