Survey Results

From February to May, project partners developed and implemented a survey on women interest to coding in Belgium, Croatia, England, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Romania.The subject of the research were women who have at least once tried programming. Total number of respondents was 249 women.


Key highlights of the survey are:

  • The average women interest in learning to code in partner countries is 53%.
  • Most women rated their current coding skills as beginner and these women respectively noted that coding activities gave them confidence (84-86%).
  • The most popular place to learn coding is school or university.
  • The major reasons for their interest towards coding is due to the fact that coding skills are required for studies/work and also due to their intention to become more familiar with technical terms and jobs.
  • The major reasons why women haven’t tried coding is due to the lack of suitable training resources. Even though some of the survey participants mentioned that women are not keen on studying online, it was observed from the survey that most of the women who tried coding in Belgium, Croatia, England, Luxembourg and Romania, most likely did it online.

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